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    whitney w.
    Chat- Holiday Message
    Topic posted November 5, 2019 by whitney w.Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Chat, Messaging 
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    Chat- Holiday Message

    We're using the chat conditional link widget on our customer portal pages. I've tested it for holidays and the message, "Chat Support is currently not available" which is the SUPPORT_CURRENTLY_TRY_AGAIN_LATER_MSG is being shown. 


    I was expecting the CHAT_IS_CURRENTLY_CLOSED_HOLIDAY_MSG  message base that says, "Chat is currently closed for the holiday."

    Is that message base just for the Chat inlay? Do I have to create my own customer conditional to use this message base automatically on all holidays?








    • whitney w.

      And yes in configuration settings, I have CS_HOLIDAY_MSG_ENABLED set to, "Yes"

    • Jessica Bradley

      Hi Whitney,

      Here are the steps to configure holiday hours for chat:

      I will need to look into where CHAT_IS_CURRENTLY_CLOSED_HOLIDAY_MSG comes into play.


      • whitney w.

        Hi Jessica,

        I've done all this already and have my chat hours set. It looks like maybe the conditional chat link does not use the holiday message. Maybe it's just for the embedded inlay?

        • Jessica Bradley

          Hi Whitney,

          We offer holiday hours for our traditional chat solution, which normally functions without issue. Since you've set everything up according to the answer, then I suggest opening an SR with Support.


    • Willie Eide

      Hi whitney,

      Inlays are a totally separate entity from the OSvC. Hence, we have our own message base strings for which you can manipulate. You are able to manipulate all the strings within the Inlay in accordance to your company policy, etc... 

      Hopefully you are familiar with the configuration file and how you can manipulate attributes and strings within this file. 
      All strings can be found on your site.. if your interface is XYZ, then you can go to and view the documentation. From there, you can look at the particular inlay and click on the "strings" tab to see all the names of the strings and their value and thus you are aware of what you can change them to.

      I hope this is helpful. 
      Willie EIde
      Product Manager, Inlays