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    Prashant Singh Bhadauria
    Usage of Bundling Key
    Topic posted October 8, 2018 by Prashant Singh BhadauriaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Routing / Optimization 
    Usage of Bundling Key
    Using Bundling Key to Assign Activities to a single resource based on Custom Parameter

    Hello Experts,

    Hope you all are going great.

    We are currently working on a Scenario in which we need to assign all the activities to the Field Agent which have a common parameter i.e in our case "Box Number".

    If two activities have the same box number(Custome Property: Integer Type). That activity needs to be assigned to a single agent. As per our understanding, this can be achieved with Bundling Key. Kindly suggest If you have a better approach to achieving this.

    In regards to bundling key we have a couple of Questions:

    • Bundling key is used to send just one Notification to the customer when the given group of Activities needs to be delivered etc. However, we are trying to use the bundling key in a different way. We are not sending the notification to the customer. We are using the Outbound message to send data to  Service Cloud when the activities would be Moved. ("Move Activity" Trigger). Therefore even if the group of activities is moved to have the same bundling key. Would it send single message or group of a message to service cloud?
    • As per our understanding, Bundling Key can now be used for Manual Routing also. (the previous release it was only used for immediate routing). Please correct me if I am wrong if two activities having a common value(Box Number: A customer parameter) will be assigned to a single resource when we are doing a manual routing.

    Thank you in Advance.


    Prashant Singh Bhadauria