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    Lisa Ozkan
    Release 13 Progress Update
    Announcement posted November 17, 2017 by Lisa OzkanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited November 18, 2017 by Katrine HaugerudGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged BI, Commerce, CPQ, Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, GRC, HCM, HCM Midsize - TBE, Learn - TEE, Maintenance, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM, Talent, Talent Acquisition - TEE, Upgrade, Workforce Management, Workforce Rewards 
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    Release 13 Progress Update

    Join us on November 30, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am PT to learn about our Release 13 Progress Update - Meeting Details!
    Topics will include:

    • Streamlined software development and delivery process
    • How to find content related with your current and next version on
    • Release 13 Update Policy
    • Reminders about getting ready for Release 13

    Presented by Lisa Ozkan, Director, HCM Product Strategy.

    Post your questions in this forum post before the session to have them answered during the live event.

    The replay and slide deck will be available from this event posting within 24 hours following the live session.

    Oracle Cloud Customer Connect

    Release 13 Progress Update

    Hello Oracle Cloud User,

    Since we launched Oracle SaaS (Fusion), we have worked tirelessly to ensure our cloud strategy meets and exceeds your expectations. Oracle Cloud adoption is increasing at a record pace; therefore, we would like to provide you with an update on recent progress.

    1. Release 13 Focus


    Release 13 of Oracle Cloud Applications is a significant release achieving two key milestones: new cloud products & user experience and a streamlined software development process.

    • R13 includes many new cloud products focused on Supply Chain Management and Customer Experience
      plus a new User Interface:
      • Supply Chain Management Introduced 436 new features and six new products covering sales and operation planning, demand management, supply planning, collaboration, quality management, and maintenance. These new products are designed to help customers create intelligent, connected, and customer-centric supply chains by aligning internal activity and improving collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers.
      • Customer Experience Extended the Oracle CX Cloud Suite with the introduction of Oracle Engagement Cloud, which combines sales and service capabilities to help organizations increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and up-sell opportunities. It enriches the customer experience by bridging the gap between sales and customer service.
      • User InterfaceNot only did we overhaul the UI design and add more visualizations to produce a more modern look and feel, but we also simplified workflows by removing unnecessary steps.
    • While creating Release 13 we re-engineered and dramatically streamlined the software development process to converge on a single, managed code line in the cloud. Oracle's designers and developers are able to accelerate the delivery of innovation to our customers, resulting in more functionality, available sooner, on a predictable schedule.
    2. Communication
    • Oracle issued a Cloud Applications Press Release (link) announcing the availability of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13. This further extends the industry's broadest, deepest, and fastest growing suite of cloud applications.
    • Oracle published an SCM-Focused Press Release (link) highlighting new innovations that enhance the user experience and support demand-driven business models with modern, end-to-end supply chain best practices.
    • Oracle published Readiness Material (link) on which describes new features delivered in R13.
    • In addition, Oracle published R13 Documentation (link) on Oracle Help Center.
    3. Availabilty, Cadence, and Consumption



    • Due to the unprecedented level of R13 innovation – many new products, 1,224 new features, a new software development/release process  coupled with our goal to deliver the highest quality cloud applications to our customers, we are moving at a measured pace.
    • The target date to complete the upgrade scale out and begin the bulk upgrade to R13 is February 2018. You should receive an invitation to schedule your upgrade in December.


    • The previous release plan for Oracle Cloud Applications was two scheduled releases per year.
    • The plan for Release 13 and future releases incorporates four quarterly updates.
    • In addition, a set of release readiness or “preview” material is published on the site even sooner. This material provides a preview of new and updated functionality coming in the next release to help you understand and plan.

    Easy to Consume

    • As new functionality is steadily introduced into your environment; it is done in a non-disruptive way.
    • That is, new functionality is delivered disabled or turned off. You choose when to enable and begin leveraging as it fits into your schedule. Plus, new feature enablement is as simple as using a wizard-based tool to activate and configure.
    • Overall, this approach is sensitive to your business needs and minimizes any operational disruption.


    4. Terminology


    To be more consistent with established cloud terminology, we are adjusting our versioning. Because Release 13 will have quarterly functional revisions, we will begin versioning Oracle Cloud Applications as follows:


    • Oracle Sales Cloud R13 (update 17B)
    • Oracle Sales Cloud R13 (update 17C)
    • Oracle Sales Cloud R13 (update 17D)

    The number 17 represents the calendar year. A,B,C,D represents the first, second, third, or fourth quarterly revision in that calendar year. One time note: there is no R13 update 17A as the initial R13 introduction fell into the 2nd calendar or B quarter.

    In addition, the monthly update, previously known as Patch Bundle, will be renamed to Maintenance Pack.


    YOU are the focus  Oracle is continuously working to enhance your experience, including new feature delivery, exceptional customer support, and clear customer communication.




    • Donna Brubaker

      Has the invitation to schedule the release 13 upgrade been sent out?  I haven't seen one and want to ensure I have not missed it in my email.



      D Brubaker

    • Katrine Haugerud

      The invite to schedule the R13 upgrade has not yet been sent out. We expect the invite to go out shortly.

    • Palash Kundu


      We are currently on R12 Cloud Financials and Procurement.

      Please let us know timeline for availability of R13 upgrade slots for customers like us.



    • Karen Quinn

      Dear Katrine,

      We are still waiting for the invite from Oracle to schedule R13 cloud financial upgrade.

      Any idea  when we can expect to receive the invite?

      We don't want to miss our opportunity to choose our own schedule.



    • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP


      Can you please update when we can book the slot?



    • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP

      Further more,

      From Oracle still we did not receive any communication regarding upgrade scheduling.



    • Lori Culp

      At a local Customer Success Day to which Oracle is saying end of this month for the windows with everyone upgraded by November.


    • Karen Quinn

      Has anyone received an invite for Financials R13 upgrade yet?  We are still waiting for the invite.


    • Lori Culp

       If you put in a SR ticket, you can request an upgrade window for your test environment.

    • Lisa Ozkan

      Upgrade scheduling invitations were sent to some customers in January. Additional invitations will be sent this week for additional customers and we will inform remaining customers about when to expect their upgrade invitations. There are various factors driving the order in which customers are invited. If you have not been invited to schedule your upgrade yet, please stay tuned.

    • Karen Quinn

      Thank you for this information. We will await our invite.


    • Dom Galano

      This week we received our invite , requested our dates for all environments, Oracle have confirmed them.

      At last ! 

      Time to get the test plan together!



    • Arun Ramachandran

      a) On March 13, Lori Culp stated that we can submit an SR to get R13 in our test environment. No one has contradicted this statement. Can someone confirm if that is true?

      b) My company is waiting to get R13 deployed in our Test Environment. Our CSM has informed us that we are no part of 18A. Does anyone have information regarding possible dates for 2018 R13 Waves? 

      c) I would like to know if the dates for 18B, 18C, and 18D will be similar to 17b, 17c, and 17d? 

      Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. 


    • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP


      We still did not get the notification for Upgrade Release 13, We just received email from Oracle about a month and half ago that we will be contacted soon.

      How can we know when we can registered the upgrade / schedule upgrade.