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    Paul Milsom
    Microsoft Projects Integration with PPM
    Topic posted April 7, 2019 by Paul MilsomRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Project Management, Project Performance Reporting, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting, Task Management 
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    Microsoft Projects Integration with PPM
    I don't see the option to update an existing project

    My goal is to download an existing project to Microsoft Projects, make some changes to the wbs and progress and then upload to PPM.    


    • I  successfully installed the ms projects integration (using ms projects 2010) 
    • I was able to connect to ppm and see my projects 
    • I can download a project ​(import new project icon)
    • I then make a change and upload as a new project ​(export new project icon)
    • The export process starts and only gives me the option to create a new project
    • Any ideas on how to update an existing project using the ms projects integration?




    • John Tolmachoff

      Is this for the Cloud or EBS?  Regardless, the integration does not support synchronization of bi-directional changes.  There is no way to know which application is pushing the right change.  Either Oracle or MSP needs to be the master.  If the Project was created in Oracle, then all changes can only be made in Oracle.  MSP becomes a report application.  Plus the views/filters in MSP are better. If the Project was created in MSP, then MSP is the master and all changes are to be made in MSP.