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    Dustin Grabowski
    Sample Report: Project Cost Dashboard with Drilldown to...
    Topic posted December 11, 2017 by Dustin GrabowskiGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited December 11, 2017 
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    Sample Report: Project Cost Dashboard with Drilldown to Project Cost Details
    This dashboard provides summary details of Project Costs and includes a drilldown from the Transaction Number to the Project Cost Details Page

    The attached sample dashboard displays project costs based on the selected prompts.  It also highlights drill down capabilities that have been added in Release 13.


    To add this report to your environment:

    1. Save the catalog to a local folder

    2. Unarchive it to the OTBI web catalog under Shared Folders - Custom - Projects

    3. In the folder called ''Manage Project Costs Dashboard', open the dashboard called 'Manage Project Costs Dashboard'

    4. Watch the attached video for details steps to update the analysis to point the Action Link to your environment.


    Oracle Cloud Project Portfolio Management: Release 12 

       Drilldown to Project Cost Details available starting Release 13 update 17D


    Subject areas used: Project Costing - Actual Costs Real Time                      


    5 minutes to copy into your environment and configure Action Link.




    • Sachin Mistry

      Can you add the catalog file?

    • Joel Robson

      Hi Dustin,

      The dashboard in the attached video is really informative. We are in 12 and we followed the instructions in the video to create the dashboard. When we opened the Manage Project Costs Dashboard, we didn't see the 'Basic search parameters' region. After a while,  two regions with the same caption 'Manage Project Costs'  showed up.  We tried in both IE and Chrome.

      Any feedback will be much appreciated.

      • Dustin Grabowski



         Please confirm that you unarchived the .catalog file into Shared Folders/Custom/Projects.   You may have to create the Projects folder under Custom.

    • Joel Robson


      We had a prefix to the Projects folder under custom. Once the prefix is removed, it worked fine. Thanks!

    • Carrie Gose


      What seeded role does an individual need to access this dashboard? 


      Carrie (and your wyoming pest Kim:))


    • Dustin Grabowski

      Project Accountant, Project Administrator, Grants Accountant, Grants Administrator... with access to specific Business Unit(s)

      Project Departmental Administrator... with access to specific departments/organizations

      Project Manager, Principal Investigator... With access to specific projects/awards

    • Jason Alkayed

      Hello Dustin, 

      Thank you for the great dashboard. I have uploaded the catalog in my environment and for some reason its capturing Capital interest transactions only. I do have too many transactions other than CAP Interest. What is your thoughts!!

      • Dustin Grabowski

        Jason, please confirm that you don't have any other filters populated that may be limiting your results.  Click the Next button in the Prompts area to scroll through the available prompts.  The 3rd page has the Transaction Source and Document prompts, which may be a culprit if you are only seeing one specific type of transaction.

    • Jason Alkayed
      Hello Dustin,
      Thank you for your quick response. I don't have any filters enabled or populated. I have uploaded this reports into 3 environments Prod , test and DEV. It works perfectly only in Test environment. We just went live with PPM module recently. Test environment was configured by different consultant from the other two environments.
      • Dustin Grabowski

        And your able to see all transactions in the Manage Project Costs page in the Costs work area in all three environments?   I assume as you uploaded the dashboard yourself to all three environments that no additional filters were added to the base analysis?  Your using standard delivered roles, e.g. Project Accountant with data access to specific business unit(s)?