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    Unable to View My Development Pages
    Topic posted November 13, 2008 by awoolson Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Unable to View My Development Pages

    I'm using the CP in Aug. 08 - which is our first version of RightNow. I have Dreamweaver set up correctly (I believe) and have my local site set to an internal server that supports .php. Problem is - when I try to view the pages that contain widgets (such as home.php) from the local/development folder, I just get text, such as:::.





    Widget: standard/search/KeywordText (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)


    Widget: standard/search/SearchButton (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)




    Widget: standard/reports/Grid (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)





     I'd like to actually see the page so I can tell what I've done! Everything does display correctly when I move it to the remote site, but I don't want my changes to be publich until they are ready, obviously.


    My server/php expert believes he has everything set up correctly - unless there is an extra file or something he needs on the server that he doesn't know about.


    Any insight or suggestions?





    • monique perkins

      Thanks for posting and welcome to RightNow.


      1 - Your local site won't run correctly even if you have php installed.  Along with the files that are available to you we also run the files through the code igniter framework.  The widget calls are translated to php calls and run the widgets at this time.  In order for you to see a preview you must load the files to the RightNow server for them to run correctly


      2 - Your changes won't be public when you load them to the server.  You have to set the development cookie to see it.  If you are working with other developers they can see them.  But the pages aren't public until they are depolyed. 


      3 - To log in through dreamweaver use commands->rightnow->login to rightnow.  This will be your same webdav username and password.

    • awoolson

      Thank you for the information.


      I understand how that will work well for changing widgets etc, but I'm concerned with changing assets (background images etc) and not being able to view them (as they would show on the live site) in a test environment before they are moved to the remote site. My understanding is that any asset that is 'put' to the remote site is live.

    • monique perkins

      That's correct.  Assets are shared between production and development.


      If you want to preview the asset I recommend naming it something else and previewing it.  Then when you are ready you can either rename the image to the original or deploy the pages to get the new one on the public site.


      Because of the relative paths we use you still won't be able to see the image on your local server.  While the images appear to be in a similar path as the code they really aren't.  This allows us to serve the production pages much more quickly.

    • Stdranwl

      Hi Awoolson,


      Can you please guide me, I also supposed to create a test environment as the file on the development server are not be used, these files has to be kept for backup I suppose, better one is to create the Test environment. Can you please suggest me how to go with it?