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    Balaji Narasimhan
    Implementation Tips – Business Rule Definition
    Topic posted April 20, 2018 by Balaji NarasimhanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Order Management 
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    Implementation Tips – Business Rule Definition
    Implementation tips on defining Business Rules

    From Oracle Order Management Cloud product team:

    If you are using the Business Rules Editor to define rules in Basic/Simple mode in Order Management Cloud, Release 17D or a higher, there might be a possibility that these rules may not be executed properly.

    What are we recommending:  If you are implementing Order Management Cloud, Release 17D or a higher, you need to define business rules in the Rules Editor using the Tree or Advanced mode.

    We also recommend evaluating the Visual Information Builder (VIB) where possible to define the business rules (this is available for Pre-Transformation, Process Assignment and External Interface Routing rules) as rules created through the VIB are Tree or Advanced mode rules.

    What you might see if you do not follow this: There could be issues with rule execution impacting order processing.

    When should you do it: It is advisable that customers in the above releases implement this right away.

    Additional Information: Please refer to the Oracle documentation on Implementing Order Management for information on using Visual Information Builder (VIB) to create business rules.

    Questions: Please contact Oracle Support if you have any questions.




    • Srichakradhar Janapati

      Just want to understand, what issues we may face if we define business rules using rules Editor. since we already defined few rules in this manner for integration with other systems.

      For new rules, we'll use the VIB



      Sri J

      • Balaji Narasimhan

        Hello Sri,

        Just wanted to check if you defined those rules using Rules editor in Basic/Simple mode or using Tree or Advanced mode. If those rules were defined in Tree or Advanced mode, there should be no issue with rule execution.

        Also, kindly note that VIB is available for Pre-transformation, Process Assignment and External Interface Routing at this point of time.



    • Srichakradhar Janapati

      ok. Thanks Balaji. We defined process assignment & EIL rules in Advanced mode. Hope no issues


      Sri J