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    18C Upgrade Known Issue in Manage Requisitions
    Topic posted February 2, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited February 2, 2019, tagged FAQ, How-To, Requisition Processing 
    18C Upgrade Known Issue in Manage Requisitions
    Manage Requisitions Issue and Resolution

    Customers / Support

    On upgrade to 18C, we have heard from a couple of customers of an issue when navigating to Manage Requisitions. So if Support is reading this, please ensure you follow these steps first before you log a bug or post on the Forums. This could potentially save you and the customer a lot of triage time.


    When a user navigates to the Manage Requisitions page for first time is receiving this  error: Definition TrsPurchaseOrderId of type Attribute is not found in RequisitionSearch. The user is also not able to see any records when using a saved search.


    There appears to have been an issue during upgrade pertaining to saved searches of a specific nature. The workaround that we have recommended to such customers that has worked consists of a few options. See details below:

    Solution #1:

    1. Login with user who has the issue
    2. Go to Manage Requisitions and search.This step throws an error. 
    3. Create a saved search named 'All Requisitions' and set it as default criteria. 
    4. Click done to go back. or Logout and Login. 
    5. Go to Manage Requisitions and perform search and check if you see the error. 
    6. If there is an error, remove the saved search 'All Requisitions' and re-check.

    Solution #2:
    1. Login to the application
    2. Go to Manage Requisitions. (This step throws error) 
    3. Select a seeded saved search (select one "saved search" that can't be 
    deleted, delete button is in gray) and make it as a default one. 
    4. Click Done to go back. 
    5. Logout and Login with same user and check if the issue is still there

    Solution #3:

    If after trying the solutions above, the issue still exists, log an SR and work with development. They had the following solution to be executed by the customers in some such cases:

    Solution would be to delete the saved search using WLST: