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    Kim Puls
    HELP...where did the Financials tab go in PFM
    Topic posted August 31, 2018 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    HELP...where did the Financials tab go in PFM
    Since R13-18B we can no longer see the financials tab in PFM

    Many of our end-users used the Financials tab, in PFM, since we took on R13-18B we no longer have this tab...Why??? Where has it moved to? Or has it just been removed? If removed...why?




    • Prithi Bandla

      Hi Kim, which page are you referring to? Manage Financial Project Settings page and then the Financial tab?

      • Kim Puls


        I think it might have to do with permissions. I can see the Financial tab as myself but not as my config profile. When I tried logging in, as an end-user who used to be able to see the Financials tab, they can no longer see it. I think it has to do with a change to our custom PI role. I will work with the functional lead and our security office to see how to get this back.

        Thanks - Kim

    • Hiten Makwana

      Hi Kim -

      I verified in an 18B POD. I am seeing the 'Financial' tab without any issue.

      I also verified at to see if there is any change in 18B related to any navigation/financial tab. I did not find anything in Oracle documentation.