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    Manoj Pote
    Physical Inventory - Approval and Recount
    Topic posted October 19, 2018 by Manoj PoteBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged How-To, Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Physical Inventory - Approval and Recount
    Physical Inventory - Approval and Recount

    Created a Physical Inventory. Ran Generate Physical Inventory Snapshot & Generate Physical Inventory Tags. Then recorded the count quantity. Navigated to Approve Count screen and approved a few counts and rejected a few counts.

    Question1: What is expected behavior when an Approvers Rejects a count? Does it mean it needs to be recounted? If it does then how does this communication happen via system to the counter or coordinator who is coordinating the count?

    Question 2: When an Approver approve a particular count, then should this freeze that count on the Record count screen? When I navigate back to the Record count screen, all the records including the ones that have been approved are editable. Only once I run Post Physical Inventory Adjustments is when it freezes

    Any help in this matter is appreciated

    Release 13 18C



    • Lynn Warneka

      When an approver rejects a count, the system accepts the current system quantity.  There is no change to the on-hand inventory balance.  

      Only once you run Post Physical Inventory Adjustments will it freeze the counts on the Record Count page.  


      • Manoj Pote

        Thanks Lynn!

        So if some of the items need recount what adjustment action should the approver choose? What would be the best way, in your experience, to initiate the recount?