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    19B Feature with Opt-in expiring in 19D: BCEA enabled...
    Topic posted September 2, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Budget/Encumbrance, Requisition Processing 
    19B Feature with Opt-in expiring in 19D: BCEA enabled Requisition Line Impact when linked Purchase Order is canceled with Reinstate Unfulfilled Demand
    What happens to a Requisition Line that is BCEA enabled with funds reserved when the linked purchase order is canceled with Reinstate Unfulfilled Demand option

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    This article is important for the following reasons:

    a) It reminds you of a feature that was enabled in 19B with Opt-in (this is a Purchasing Opt-in) entitled: Reinstate Unfulfilled Requisition Demand When Canceling a Purchase Order under Budgetary Control

    b) Also importantly, it seeks to remind you that this Opt-in is set to expire in Update 19D which means you will now automatically be entitled to the behavior that this feature has to offer

    What this feature offers:

    1. When the Opt-in prescribed has been turned on and a requisition line is BCEA enabled, if the corresponding Purchase Order line is canceled with the option 'Retain Unfulfilled Demand', the system will create a new requisition line (reinstate) instead of the existing one

    2. Funds will be reserved for the new line, importantly, even when there isn't enough funds available to reserve.

    This way, the requester of the original line will receive their requested item/s without any further process requirements.