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    Jaeyshree Kumaran
    Not able to reset arraydataprovider variable
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by Jaeyshree KumaranRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Action Flows, Business Objects, Custom Code, Database, JET, Layout, REST, Services, Stage / Publish / DevOps, Style, Tip, UI, Validation, Web 
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    Not able to reset arraydataprovider variable

    I have a table  with data populating from arraydataprovider.  

    I have dragged and dropped a select-one element in one of the column and set the value for the select-one as


    Once I select the value from the options and click save button the value gets updated  in the adp without hinderance(save process: for each of adp->call update restendpoint)

    But I am not able to use the reset for the adp variable. It throws an error as cannot read adpcolumnname