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    Santosh Reddy Kanuganti
    Lot Numbers not Restricted while Performing WIP Return...
    Topic posted June 7, 2018 by Santosh Reddy KanugantiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited June 7, 2018, tagged Tip, Work Execution 
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    Lot Numbers not Restricted while Performing WIP Return Components
    Restrict the lot number Selection during return by allowing the system to display only the Lot Numbers which are issued against the WO

    1. Describe how the current product is insufficient. - System is not restricting the Lot Numbers while returning components. 
    2. Provide a detailed description of the Enhancement Request. - System should not allow to return the Components for different Lot numbers. 
    3. If possible, identify how the product can be changed to achieve the desired result. - Restrict the lot numbers during return by allowing only the Lot Numbers which are issued against the WO 
    4. Explain why Oracle Development should consider the Enhancement Request. - Because if the qty is returned against different Lot number than issued, then there will not be any limitations on Material Status, Lot Expiration etc... 
    5. Describe how this Enhancement will benefit the Customers business. - It enables us to control the On Hand Qty and Lot Numbers effectively 
    7. Please provide and describe the business flow that is affected by this Enhancement. - Material Returns and On Hand Quantities are severely effected by this enhancement. Being a pharma industry - we are very much concerned about Lots- its statuses and expiration. And it would be very critical as per regulatory affairs. As there are heavy chances of issuing a good lot and returning the components to Expired Lot or Rejected Lot. This way, it would be a tedious job to reconcile the Lots and its quantities. 

    Custom Solution: We have developed a Custom report named On Hand vs WIP Report which shows the lot nums which are issued against a work order, until the WO is closed. Run the report before performing WIP Returns, identify the Lots issued for that WO and use the same lot during WIP Return.