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    Bhasakr Kolla
    One Requistion Business Unit vs Number of Req BU's
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Bhasakr Kolla, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Setup 
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    One Requistion Business Unit vs Number of Req BU's

    Here is our  Business Requirement

    Business has 10 Legal Entities, all the 10 Legal Entities are Raise Expense Purchase orders, No Inventory organizations under these legal entities.  Need to Create one Requisition Business unit / Procurement Business Unit and raise Purchase orders for these legal entities.

    Example: My LE Naming convention will be LE1, LE2, LE3 etc.

    Requisition  BU default Legal entity set up as LE1 and Default Deliver to inventory org at config Req. Business unit functions belongs to LE1

    Create a Expense Purchase order for LE1, the Purchase order created with sold to Legal entity on the PO is LE1, No issues.

    But i want to create a Purchase order for LE2 ( Expense PO), the sold to legal entity on the PO should be LE2, where as this is expense PO, the legal entity derives from Requisition business functions default delivery to inventory org.

    Business Requirement here is Legal entity on the Purchase should be not default legal entity, we need the actual legal entity belongs to the location, the location will not assosiated to any inventory org.  Accounting side, i can get the correct CCID, but LE information should be correctly populated.


    if i go with one REQ BU unit for each LE, i can meet the business requirement, but i don't want to create those REQ BU Units. Any creative solution?



    Bhaskar Kolla

    R13 19B



    • Swami Amajala

      Bhaskar, We have same exact requirement. We tried few things but finally decided to go with One req BU for each LE. This is more clean option where the POs and subsequent invoices also show correct LE on transactions and accounting. We had talked to Oracle product team and they recommended the same approach.




      • Bhasakr Kolla

        Swami, but we have 150 Plus Legal Entities, if i go one Req BU to One LE, i will end up creating the 150 Req BU's and 150 inventory orgs. each Req BU you need one default deliver to organization?  where as no inventory orgs are under these 150 LE's. can you pl. share me your contact to talk what other options you guys thought  through?




        • John Gunja

          Hi KBR,

          We have the exact need too, Can you please share what you ended up doing for your req ?




      TRy to use SFO flow