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    Manash Chowdhury
    Issue Activating ICS Integration - DB Adpater Issue
    Topic posted September 3, 2018 by Manash ChowdhuryRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited September 3, 2018, tagged Adapters, Agent, Database, Integration, PaaS 
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    Issue Activating ICS Integration - DB Adpater Issue
    Facing Issue while Activating ICS Integration with DB adapter configured.

    We are now facing issue in activating and ICS integration with DB adapter. I'll list the steps and the output for better understanding:

    1. Installed a connectivity agent in ICS db server as we will connect to user defined tables in ICS. Below is the output that the agent is running fine:

    [oracle@DevICSDb-Multichoice oic_connectivity_agent]$ pwd
    [oracle@DevICSDb-Multichoice oic_connectivity_agent]$ ls
    agenthome  connectivityagent.jar  InstallerProfile.cfg  pid
    [oracle@DevICSDb-Multichoice oic_connectivity_agent]$ java -jar connectivityagent.jar &
    [1] 26966
    [oracle@DevICSDb-Multichoice oic_connectivity_agent]$ Existing Agent installation found... Starting Agent for message processing.
    Checking for already running instances of this agent. This might take up to 15 seconds ...
    Initializing the credential store ...
    Agent started successfully...Now available for new messages...

    Step 2: Created a db connection with required details and test was successful.

    Step 3. Created an integration with a SOAP and DB adapter. While conencting the db adpater, the SQL query provided was succesful too.

    Step 4. Create the required mapping and tried to activate the integration and got the following error:

    [SEVERE] [ThreadID: 1780] [Logger:] [SRC Class:; Method: doRequest] Error in performing activation. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

    Not sure what's going wrong. Please suggest. We'll try to delete and recreate the agent as the last approach.



    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      This must be OIC and this is a known issue. Please file an SR to get the connectivity-agent patch.

    • Gabriel G Huo

      Did you get this resolved? i got the same issue here.

      It was working fine before the latest patch.

      • Manash Chowdhury
        Hi Hemanth,
        Thanks for your quick response. 
        Hi Gabriel/Hemanth,
        We approached a different team internally and they had faced similar issue and we got this sorted. No addtional patch was needed from Oracle.
        We followed the below steaps and hope this helps:
        1. From ICS db: Kill the agent process and delete the entire agent folder structure.
        2. From ICS console: Delete the agent, connection and agent group (if there is issue deleting the agent group, then restart the ICS server and then you can delete. As there is some lock issue).
        3. Get the connectivity agent zip from console and upload to the db at your desired location. Unzip the zip file and do the normal installtion process. Should work properly. Earlier we were unzipping the locally and uploading the folder. This causes some file corruption and also miss of files. 
        • Amandeep Mahajan

          Hi Manash - The fix is already in production now. One reason why you were able to download the new agent zip and install and confirmed for it to be working :).



    • Gabriel G Huo

      Thanks Manash, i've followed your approach and resolved the issue before oracle has provided the patch on my SR.