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    Ashok Kumar Kavalur
    'Repost' button on a submitted Idea
    Topic posted November 2, 2017 by Ashok Kumar KavalurGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Community Homepage, Idea Labs, Members Page, Navigation, Personal Settings and Preferences, Search 
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    'Repost' button on a submitted Idea
    'Repost' button on a submitted Idea, will help to keep the Customer's idea active (avoids Duplicate Idea) and also would carry the previous 'Voting' & 'Comments' along.

    Hello Team... Great initiatives on Idea Dashboard!

    I've a suggestion to add a button as  "Repost" to Repost My Idea, that will also carry forward the previous comments & voting that is has got, (similar to Facebook post, where the reactions & comments reappear)... this will have few advantages!

    1. Most of the Users who visit Idea's Lab after a gap, can see the latest as many of them gets missed in the large listing

    2. As a User I can avoid re-posting Idea and later treated as 'Duplicate'

    Many Thanks, Ashok Kumar Kavalur