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    Ashish Harbhajanka
    Improvements Required in Oracle Product Documentation...
    Topic posted October 28, 2017 by Ashish HarbhajankaGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged Announcements, Community Homepage, Discussion Forums, Help Center, Idea Labs, Members Page 
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    Improvements Required in Oracle Product Documentation (Share Your Views and Opinions)
    Improvements Required in Oracle Product Documentation (Share Your Views and Opinions)

    Hi Friends,
    I have received multiple requests from colleagues, peers, friends  and customers where they have asked me to write up on specific topics (I write some articles at Linkedln, CloudCustomerConnect as well as on Apps2Fusion Website) and one of the things which I have observed that whenever I provide reference to some documentation provided by Oracle Product Development Team they say they are looking for the below specific things in the same:
    1. The documents is too theoretical and too much detail
    2. Practical Worked Out Examples are not provided
    3. Descriptions are vague and not clearly explained
    4. Too techie in nature
    5. Difficult for newbies and novice readers to follow
    6. Some articles use tech keyword to such an extent that it actually frightens the reader.
    As such, many would be delighted and be more interested in adopting Oracle products and technologies if the documents are simple, easy to read and easy to follow.
    Note: This is my personal opinion and the intent is to provide feedback so that things can be improved for the greater interest of the Oracle Community.
    Request all of you to please share your views and opinions ( Open for Counter Arguments).
    Kind Regards