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    Filipe Estacio
    A challenge: relating on the fly two entities created...
    Topic posted February 21, 2018 by Filipe EstacioGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    A challenge: relating on the fly two entities created separately

    Hi all!

    I have stumbled on the following business requirement, and don't quite know how to solve it. I have some ideas but always seem to stumble on something half way through.

    1. We have a Custom Object A, which is a child of an OSvC incident. Instances of these objects are created by one set of users as part of their normal workflow in an OPA interview.
    2. We then have a Custom Object B, which is also a child of an OSvC incident. Instances of these are created in a different interview, by a different set of users at a different time.
    3. Obj B is a parent of Obj A as defined in the Custom Objects Configuration on OSvC.
    4. On OPA, Obj B is loaded in as an entity via the incident.
    5. On OPA, Obj A is defined as a sub-entity contained by Obj B.

    My requirement is to have a screen in the interview for each loaded instance of Obj B (easy bit). In each of the screens, the interview should show a list of instances of Obj A that have not yet been assigned to a particular instance of Obj B. It should then allow for individual instances of Obj A to be selected and assigned to the Obj B for that particular screen.

    How can this be done? I'm thinking it might have to involve javascript, but hoping it might not!

    Anyone up for the challenge?




    • Filipe Estacio

      I've been given an advice to learn more about relationships and eventually managed to achieve this with a number of relationship input controls, InstanceValueIf commands and other rules. It got a bit complex, but possible in OPA natively.