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    Dragos Vilcu
    using ODI Studio with DIPC ?
    Topic posted April 12, 2019 by Dragos VilcuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged DIPC 
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    using ODI Studio with DIPC ?

    while in DIPC - C (Classic) it was possible , by connecting through SS tunneling to some instance with ODI Studio ,  to use ODI Studio and connect to DIPC - C repository , according to the documentation there is no such option anymore for  DIPC  : " You won't have access to the database and storage associated with your instance."

    in such conditions, what are the options of developing an ELT for DIPC ? I couldn't find any documentation on this fundamental problem . the only thing I found in the documentation was "If you need ODI Studio, run it from a user-managed instance or on-premises, and then import/export the design work. You won't have access to WebLogic Server to fix an ODI data source. Instead, you must file a report to the operations team." ,  but that phrase is hardly sufficient to understand how can it be really done in practice... any other documentation available on this topic ? 





    • Werner He

      Hi Dragos,

      You are correct.  In the new DIPC, i.e., DIPC on OCI, you have no access to the DIPC host any more.  Hence you don't have ODI Studio.  Current DIPC only supports ODI Task Execution.  Basically, you will have ODI Studio somewhere else to do the design work, then export it to archive, then import it into the ODI Task Execution in DIPC.  That is the only way to use ODI functionality in DIPC on OCI.  

      So if you are looking for a full functionality of ODI use case, it is better to switch to ODICS instead of using DIPC.



    • Begoña Villamor

      Hi Dragos,

      Did you managed to set up ODI Studio with DIPC? Did you need a database (out of DIPC) to create ODI repository?