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    Geraud Andreux
    How to copy from results?
    Topic posted April 19, 2018 by Geraud AndreuxBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Fusion, Reports 
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    How to copy from results?
    We cannot copy a person number from the results of an OTBI report - so we have to type it when we want to open it in a screen


    something that must be very obvious but that I cannot figure out:

    we have validation reports in OTBI that display a row per person where there is some wrong data.

    The first thing the users want to do when there is a row, is to copy the person number (select it and they hit Ctrl+C), in order to paste it in a screen where they can update the data to fix it.

    However the Ctrl+C doesn't "take": it doesn't update the clipboard. This is in IE and in Chrome.

    Is there any option to active this?

    For the moment they have to download the file as an excel before they can do that.

    thanks a lot,




    • Julian Challenger

      Moved to General OBIEE forum.  One solution would be to deliver the report as a spreadsheet via email.  Let's see what the OBIEE experts have to say though.

    • Michael Scaduto

      I have not found a way to copy a value directly out of OBI.  What I invariably end up doing is creating a deep link for the value that brings up that record in the application.  There is a Taleo specific knowledge document that may serve as a good starting point for you.

      Create Requisition and Candidate Links in OBI (Doc ID 2063826.1)

      • Prudence Kruchten

        I think the original poster is referring to Fusion, do you know if there are the same type of deep linking options available for Fusion?  I would love to see the possibility of this as I would use this for many of our reports smiley

    • Shakher Sharma

      Can you add a screenshot to start with?