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    Rohan Kamat
    Approval of CFO before CEO
    Topic posted May 7, 2019 by Rohan KamatGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Approval of CFO before CEO
    Approval of CFO before CEO

    Hi team

    We have a requirement to obtain CFO approvals before CEO , Anything that routes to CEO should be first pre-approved by CFO irrespective of the dollar amount . Currently CFO reports to CEO

    We have a approval matrix currently setup , where each job has a defined approval limit . CFO and CEO are the top 2 participants

    We are using Job level hierarchy to limit the approvals by the dollar amount . However , we need an exception added such that anything which routes to CEO should have CFO approval

    For example , CFO has limit till 500000 , now if we have hierarchy such as Employee (Level0) - > Manager(Level1) -> CEO

    Since manager (Level1) does not have the approval limit , it should be routed to CFO and not the CEO .

    Note : We cannot make CFO the supervisor for Manager since we need it to maintain other Expense approval policies

    Any inputs






    • Kim Powell

      Hi Rohan,

      Would need to understand your policy more, but included is one thought:

      • Create a participant/rule with an action to route up supervisory hierarchy with a number of levels of 1
      • Create a participant/rule with an action to route to approval group that includes CFO and then CEO

      Thank you,


    • Rohan Kamat

      Hi Kim

      We cannot have all employees report to CFO and then CFO reporting to CEO . There are folks from other departments reporting directly to CEO , but the approval needs to be bypassed  if anything is routed to CEO .  It should re-route to CFO and then if above 500000 , should go to CEO