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    Shravan Kumar Chelika
    Batch Actions in REST API for Oracle SCM Cloud
    Topic posted September 25, 2018 by Shravan Kumar ChelikaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Batch Actions in REST API for Oracle SCM Cloud
    Looking for an example to use batch actions in REST API

    Hi All,

    We are on Release 13 18 B and trying to use the "Batch Actions' as mentioned in the Oracle documentation :

    The document states that :

    "You can combine multiple operations into a single HTTP request to improve performance. The request body is a JSON object with a field named parts, which is an array of objects. Each object in the array contains the following:

    • A unique ID
    • A relative path to the resource
    • An operation
    • A payload (optional)

    I am trying to use batch actions in the following scenario :

    1. Get information for a single Subinventory

    2.Update description for that Subinventory

    I am using the attached request in POSTMAN , please see attached image (Batch Action for Subinventory). It results in '400 Bad Request',the request I am passing is incorrect and I am looking for the correct request...



    Release 13 18B
    Code Snippet:



    • Shravan Kumar Chelika

      After going through metalink notes found out that from R13 the version needs to be included in the URL itself, made the change but still I get the same 400-Bad Request.


    • Lynn Warneka

      SR 3-18408281784 has been logged to take the next steps and is being tracked with bug  28715248.