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    sriram iyer
    Unable to connect to ATP Database
    Topic posted January 11, 2019 by sriram iyerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Transaction Processing 
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    Unable to connect to ATP Database
    Am unable to connect to newly provisioned ATP Database

    I have provisioned 2 ATP and one ADW Databases and have downloaded the Wallet files for each of them. However, I am not able to connect to any of the databases using SQL Developer. I am using SQL Developer version 18.3 and I know it supports connections using Cloud wallet. I have connected to ATP databases in the past.

    The attached images show that the DB is up and running and the connection error in SQL Developer.





    • Robert Greene

      Very likely this is because your Connection in SQL Developer is not using the right Service.  The Wallet contains services for all of the ATP / ADW instances in the Tenancy.  So you have to be really careful which Service you are selecting.   Double check that the Service does contain your target ATP / ADW instance name.

      • sriram iyer

        I have tried to connect to all the services. I am not able to connect to any of them. Would you be available to get on a call to check it out?


        Sriram Iyer

        • Robert Greene

          If it was working, then not sure what could be the issue.  Perhaps you should download a new Wallet and try?   If you are using SQL Developer 18.3 then you should not need any special configuration to setup an environment to find the Wallet contents.    I would suggest you file an SR and get someone to look at your tenancy to verify that all is OK.

    • sriram iyer

      ---------------- UPDATE ON THIS PROBLEM -----------

      I had a in my TNS_ADMIN directory that was pointing to a different credential file.

      Once I deleted that file, the problem was fixed. I was trying to use JDeveloper last month to connect to a different ATP DB that no longer exists.

      Thanks for your help.