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    Sophie Harris
    Is it possible to create an HRHD SR based on HDL/Rest API...
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Sophie HarrisBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration 
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    Is it possible to create an HRHD SR based on HDL/Rest API from core HR?
    Is it possible to create an HRHD SR based on HDL/Rest API from core HR?

    Hi all, 

    I am looking into creating an SR from information that sits in core HR and wondered if anyone know if this was possible? and if so, where i can find information on this? I am thinking it might be done using HDL or Rest API but wanted to reach out to this group to clarify. 

    Another option for us would be exporting the information out in a report, and sending it via the inbound email communication channel to create an SR however ideally we want specific values going into specific fields and not just the problem description. 

    Appreciate any advice. 





    • Justin Anderson

      The Help Desk module provides RESTful APIs to do CRUD operations to create and update help desk SRs, so that piece should be doable.  The trick is how to identify the events in core HCM that you want to monitor.   

      If you are considering using Oracle Integration Cloud to create the workflow, my understanding is that the HCM Adapter can subscribe to the HCM Atom feed to detect the triggering events. Atom feeds enable you to track changes made to feed-enabled resources in Oracle Global HR.  Some of the key events in core HCM will publish Atom feeds (such as new hires, terminations, employee transfers, and promotions).  However, there is a finite number of events that will raise atom feeds, so you may or may not be able to get a trigger for the event you care about.

      The Oracle HCM Cloud Adapter’s Atom feed subscription feature enables you to select a feed of interest. This feature must be used in a scheduled manner because there is a need to poll for updates at regular intervals. This is done by selecting a scheduled orchestration template when creating the integration.  https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/integration-cloud/hcm-adapter/oracle-hcm-cloud-adapter-capabilities.html