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    Srihari Pendyala
    How to Pay the Invoices where the Sum of supplier Invoices...
    Topic posted November 15, 2019 by Srihari Pendyala, last edited November 15, 2019, tagged Payables 
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    How to Pay the Invoices where the Sum of supplier Invoices Amount is Less than 5000

    How to Pay the Invoices where the Sum of supplier Invoices amount is Less than 5000

    1. I have defined the condition in Manage formats where payment amount should be less than 5000,

    2. This condition is working at the payment level, I mean, first PPR is fetching all invoices and then validation is stopping the payments where the payment amount is abovve 5000 and users need to remove it manually. This is consuming lot of time for users , they need to remove 100's of payment.

    3.But the requirement is while submitting the payment batches, it should pick only the Invoices which is below 5000.





    • Mitesh Kumbhat

      There is no need to manually remove payments that are failing validation. These can be removed automatically. On the PPR page, there is a Validation Failure Handling region. In that, you have document and payment level options. Keep the payment level option as 'Reject only payments with errors' and document level option as 'Reject only documents with errors'.