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    Ability to see history of approvals in SR object
    Topic posted November 27, 2018 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Reporting and Analytics, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration 
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    Ability to see history of approvals in SR object
    Can we see history of approvals directly from a SR (on a custom approval BPM flow)?

    Requirement:  Custom approval flow  (BPM) is there on SR object.  Customer wants to see the history of this approval process, directly from SR record.  Such that when someone clicks a button or a link in SR it should show the history of BPM approval process like, who approved/rejected when and with what comments etc

    History is a feature in worklist, but the task is available only for those approvers not for everyone and that too we have to go to worklist to see.

    As far as I have explored so far, there is no direct way to achieve this.

    I tried to see whether I can create a Data model based report to get this information, but couldn't find corresponding tables.  Could any one help?




    • Justin Anderson


      If you have an HTML UI that displays the Approval history, you can use the mashup feature in App Composer to embed that UI in a subtab on the SR layout.   Similarly, App Composer gives you an option to embed an Analytics report in a subtab.

      However, when you add a custom button or link in App Composer, it does not have an ability to automatically navigate the user to that subtab, so the user will need to manually click on the subtab to view the information.