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    vinay kumar
    ICAP support in API platform
    Topic posted July 19, 2019 by vinay kumar, tagged API Platform, Design 
    ICAP support in API platform
    ICAP support in API platform

    One query regarding, oracle API platform supports Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)? If not, is there any possibility to support via some custom policy?

    Searching on the internet/documentation couldn’t able to find. I got one link in Oracle documentation for on-premise API GW but not for latest cloud service.




    API Gateway supports Anti-Virus (AV) scanning using virus scanning engines from third-party vendors such as McAfee, Sophos, and ClamAV. Depending on the engine, this scanning can happen in-process or remotely using a client SDK or Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). The API Gateway takes message attachments, passes them to the AV scanner, and then acts on the decision. The following conditions apply:

    • AV signature distribution and updates are performed using mechanisms of the antivirus vendor.
    • Licensing for the AV engine is performed through the AV vendor distribution channels.

    For more details, see the AntiVirus Integration Guides in the API Gateway Interoperability Guide.