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    Stephen Pickett
    Documentation out of date!
    Topic posted October 17, 2011 by Stephen PickettSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited November 10, 2011 
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    Documentation out of date!


    Your Customer Portal documentation, and other documentation, is out of date - please could you update it ASAP? It's very difficult for partners and third parties to do their job if they are working from out of date material. You should consider this a very high priority!




    • david fulton

      Hi Stephen,

      Sorry for the delay in getting a reply to you - entirely due to conference commitments rather than neglect. Apologies regardless...

      You are exactly right that the developer docs have not had an update for awhile and this is because we're working to merge the developer docs into the main Customer Portal documentation.  This effort won't be complete until we release the next major version of Customer Portal, which you should expect to see sometime in 2012.  We're getting some core documenters trained up and evaluating the content for duplication now in preparation for the conversion and all technical docs since Feb. 2011 have been integrated into our core documentation, which you can find here: Mea Culpa on us not making that process clearer to our developer/partner community at the recent RDC - we started releasing crumbs of info on what we had in store for CP, but neglected to let you guys know about the impact that would have on documentation in general.

      Now, in saying that, that does not mean that documentation is going to stay in stasis while we await the merge process bearing fruit. We are keeping an eye on feedback on the CP Dev documentation. If you identify misleading, incorrect or outdated content, please continue to use this thread to notify us, and we will do what we can to address isolated cases. Until we get the documentation team in-synch, assume that the Feb/May 2011 documentation is current.

      Sorry for any frustration that this has caused. We are aware that technical documentation on the CP side in general leaves a lot to be desired and and looking to address that situation as quickly as we can - even though the public domain dev doc update dates may tell you differently ;).


    • Stephen Pickett

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your response! And no problems with the lateness of the message I can fully appreciate it, this is the first chance I've had to even read your response partly due to (as you know) me also attending the conference and also due to other committments.

      Just regarding your point about mentioning the process at the RDC - this wouldn't have helped as we do not attend due to the cost of having to send staff over to the States: i.e. we really need an EMEA one as well! :)

      That's very interesting about the merge and I'm sure that will be a big improvement to have everything in one place. One key thing that I'd say that is missing is individual examples on how to use individual aspects e.g. Organisation addresses are of a TypedAddress so you may assume that in WSDL you can get the named ID's using:

          GetValuesForNamedID(clientInfoHeader, "TypedAddress.AddressType")

      where as instead it is:

          GetValuesForNamedID(clientInfoHeader, "Organization.Addresses.TypedAddressList.AddressType")

      Examples on each individual API entry would certainly help clear this up, and this is something that is standard in most modern languages e.g. .Net and PHP, as I'm sure you are aware.

      Thanks Dave.

    • Simon King

      Just to add to this, I have also found documentation to be out of date in several areas, and it really makes it difficult to get things done.

      A release should also include documentation, and sample code being updated, along with screenshots and anything else needed.


      I feel your pain, and it would be great if RightNow could be more vigilant about keeping documentation up to date.

      I am currently working with WSDL examples that flat out do not work with the current version (feb12) of RightNow.

    • david fulton

       Thanks for the follow-ups. We are hard at work on improving our CP documentation and now have additional assigned resources working on an upcoming release that significantly close the gaps as far as technical documentation are concerned - we are aware that use cases that overlap between CP and other parts of our managed frameworks (WSDL, Connect for PHP, Custom Objects) in particular are areas that we need to do a better job at. Thanks for the feedback and keeping us honest on what we need to improve.



    • Stephen Pickett