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    Felipe Volcov Nambara
    OIC + Erp Cloud - Performance Concern
    Topic posted August 8, 2019 by Felipe Volcov Nambara, tagged API, Cloud, Connection, ERP Cloud, Integration, Orchestration, PaaS, REST, SOAP, Web Services 
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    OIC + Erp Cloud - Performance Concern

    Hi everybody,


    Here at Bioritmo/SmartFit group in Brazil, we started a project (last month) for configuring the Oracle Cloud ERP for five countries: Brazil, México, Colômbia, Chile and Peru, operating the following modules: General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Procurement, Expenses, Project Manager, etc.


    We have a very complex arquitecture of differentes solutions that requires a very intense and complicated integration.


    To help at this task of integration in the future we assigned the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) PaaS, but we are very concerned about the performance of it and the Oracle Cloud ERP as well.


    We will have an amount of +- 4 millions transactions coming from our front-systems getting into ERP throught OIC every month, generating Account Receivable and Invoices, but these amount are not diluted in 30 days, but concentrated in 3 days wich has a limit processing time.


    Has anyone that operates at the Oracle Cloud ERP (Financials) with these amount of transactions ?







    • Jihane Mazloum

      HI Felipe, we are using the OIC tool for our integration to ERP (Importing Journals, Creating invoice etc...AR/AP....) and it's working fine.

      Oracle is focusing on enhancing the OIC for SaaS integration and especially for ERP.

      OIC-ERP adapter offers 3 mechanisms to access ERP

      1- Query, Create, Update or delete information -- this is mainly for the low-medium number of transactions

      2- Import Bulk Data (FBDI Approach) --this is for medium-high number of transactions

      3- Send Files to ERP cloud --- uploading files to UCM (Universal Content Management) and then you would need to add additional logic to run ESS jobs from within your integration.

      in addition, you would need to scale up with Oracle engineers the required OCPU etc...

    • Sunny Chugh

      Hi Volcov

      we have the same situation where we have invoices, Sales orders and other entities in millions.

      currently we are in phase of migrating and we are going to use OIC with ERP and HCM adapters, now we have many sync integrations which will have millions of orders coming etc

      what we have to try is to do some performance test and find out how much scaling of OIC instance we have to do, as per my understanding if we scale then we should not be having this issue.

      also we have the same service currently on on premise and we are using the same ERP services (SOAP) and we dont have many issues with the services and its able to accomodate the volume, however we did lot of tuning on our integration instances so that we dont have any problems

      Hope this helps