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    Uploading of Sales Order Lines by End User
    Topic posted October 29, 2019 by MANISH KUMARBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Order Management 
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    Uploading of Sales Order Lines by End User
    Uploading of Sales Order Lines by End User

    We are looking for an option where end user ( sales rep) can uplaod sales order lines via simple excel or csv file. User can create sales order header manually and then upload lines with basic information of Sales Order#, Item#, Warehouse, Ship Date, Freight Terms and Comments.

    Pls let me know if anyone has done anything in this regard as creating sales order lines for more than 10 line items via entry screen is very time consuming and not acceptable to our business.





    • Riccardo Beretta

      Hi Manish,


      I think that if you go to 

      Tools-->File Import and Export--> Action--> upload the file and select the correct account

      than get back to 

      Tools-->Schedule Process--> Schedule New Process--> Import Orders and select the correct configuration

      you should be able to do what are you looking for.

      I hope this can be helpful somehow



    • Venkatesh Malapati

      The Oracle Visual Builder Add-in for Excel allows you to access REST APIs from the spreadsheet to Manage Data from a REST Service Using an Excel Workbook. The Visual Builder Add-in for Excel is evolving and depending on how complex of interface/worksheet you need to build, it may be an option to look into further.