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    Anand Naik
    Re-opening of closed access incidents
    Topic posted September 2, 2019 by Anand NaikGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Risk Management 
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    Re-opening of closed access incidents
    Re-opening of closed access incidents

    Please answer the following practical question.

    An Access Control incident was remediated (access removed) which closed the incident. After some days, the access was granted again. Now when the access control evaluation will be run, will the old closed incident be reopened or a new incident (similar to old incident) will be created.


    Thanks in advance!!



    • Barry Greenhut

      Thank you for asking, Anand!

      The closed incident is automatically reopened.

      PS: I couldn't find the answer to your question in our user documentation, so I've asked my team-mates to add it.

    • Anand Naik

      Thank you Barry. So just to confirm my understanding, the previously closed incident will be auto reopened and have the Assigned status ?