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    Kannan Ranganathan
    Getting Response error while integrating Salesforce and...
    Topic posted February 22, 2019 by Kannan RanganathanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Cloud, Integration, Mapping, PaaS, Sales Cloud, Salesforce 
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    Getting Response error while integrating Salesforce and Engagement cloud
    Response mapping error between Salesforce and Engagement cloud account sync

    Dear folks,

      I am integrating Salesforce and Engagement cloud Account entity using Oracle Integration cloud, request mapping happened successful, response mapping failing with below error message, will someone pls. let me know how to fix it.

    Client received SOAP Fault from server : Unable to find a deserializer for the type common.api.soap.wsdl.QueryResult Error Id: 1285309289-28170 (-1896990142)Cause : Problem could be in the request mapping. Solution : All mapped elements should belong to the parent object.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kannan Ranganathan




    • Ryan O'Hare


      I believe that message is coming back from Salesforce itself. 

      Probably a result of trying to map to uneditable fields maybe? Or malformed data in a compound field in the request? 

      Here is a thread from Salesforce developers forum...


    • Kannan Ranganathan

      Hi Ryan,

         Integration_Status_C field is a extended field(i.e. added by me) text field(String)  data type in SFDC side. PFA  screenshot, even I have hardcoded value in it while doing mapping but it fails with same error. In attached screenshot I just want to show you it is editable manually. Not sure what you are trying to say about compound fields, Kindly clarify about it.

      Kindly give me some links which gives details about mapping between salesforce and Oracle Sass applications. Thanks for your interest and efforts

      Best Regards

      Kannan Ranganathan




      • Ryan O'Hare

        Compound fields are things like addresses that may have Address would have a house number, street, city, state, etc. Those can cause issues depending on the schemas that drive those sub-elements. 

        I'm by no means a Salesforce expert, but this looks like a Salesforce error in forming a response to your request because possibly it doesn't know what to do with that custom field. Deserialization would relate to taking serialized data (like that from a JSON or XML payload) and converting it to an object. Is there any custom code behind the service you are calling in Salesforce that you needed to add to deal with that custom field?

    • Kannan Ranganathan

      Hi Ryan,

         There is no code behind integration field, let me try to delete and add new field and try to map it. For mapping compound fields, I didn't do mapping while request mapping(i.e. salesforce to Oracle Engagement cloud_, do I need do it during response mapping(Engagement cloud to Salesforce)?

      Thanks & Regards

      Kannan Ranganathan