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    Nouria Kehli
    How to replace data in a specific cell in FCCSAnswered
    Topic posted July 23, 2019 by Nouria KehliBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Dashboards 
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    How to replace data in a specific cell in FCCS
    How to replace data in a specific cell in FCCS like HFM does

    Hi all

    We would like to know if there is a "command" allowing FCCS value to be replaced by another values in Forms.

    Example ( See attached) 

    Por defecto, en el sistema, Cuenta A - Flujo A contiene 100, pero con un Override(1,1), Fila 1 - Columna 1, querría que me mostrara 500 (Cuenta A - Flujo C), sin tener que ser Flujo C un elemento a introducir en las columnas

    By default in the FCCS system Account A - Flow A has a value of 100, but with an override / replace command (1,1) we would like that line1/column 1 displays the new value of 500 which is now under (Account A - flow C). 


    See HFM command we are after:

    Can someone please let me know if this is possible under the Current version of FCCS?

    Thank you 



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    Michel Schoolenaar

    Please have a look here for all formula & formatting options from the Planning documentation, this is more extensive than the Financial Consolidation documentation: