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    Evan Danek
    Managing Supplier Profile changes
    Topic posted January 14, 2019 by Evan DanekGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Managing Supplier Profile changes
    How do you limit supplier profile changes?

    How do you limit supplier profile changes? Specifically, supplier bank accounts. Our organization is fairly small, so our finance department also manages suppliers. Can we get a notification every time a supplier profile is edited by staff? If so, what would the task be in BPM?




    • Hong Gao

      You can consider using the feature Approve Internal Changes on Supplier Bank Accounts.  This allows approval notification to be sent out whenever there is a change made on supplier bank account.  You can read more details on this feature from the TOI linked below:



    • Neelam Thakur

      You may want to consider turning Audit on for supplier functionality. You can choose the attributes that should be audited.

      • Alan

        Hi Neelam, 

        Can you please advise how you are using the Audit functionality? Is it just a report you are running or is there a way to see the history of what has been edited on each supplier record?



        • Neelam Thakur

          You have to set up Audit from Setup & Maintenance -> Manage Audit Policies. Then you have to run the report from Tools -Audit Reports under the Navigator. I believe you need to have "Auditor Role".

          You will only see audit history going forward, from the time you set it up.