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    James Roskell
    Report based on Clickstreams only returning last 4 weeks...
    Topic posted January 26, 2012 by James Roskell, last edited April 5, 2012 
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    Report based on Clickstreams only returning last 4 weeks worth of data?


    Ive built a report to show the number of users and the user details of all those who have clicked on a particularl answer link

    It links Clickstream with Contacts, and then checks that filed context1 in clickstreams equals a particular value.

    All works great, but...

    It only seems to return approx 4 weeks worth of information.

    Yet strangely, if I just do a grid report on just the clickstreams table there are records in there dating way back to early 2011

    Any clues anybody?




    • James Roskell

       Anyone?? Please??

    • Charles Lickly

       Good Day James,

      You should check your Settings for the Click-Stream.

      • Configuration
      • Settings
      • Agedatabase Utility

      The default is 60 days but you should see what yours is set to.

    • Satish Iyer



      I think it is the PURGE_SESSION_TRACKING setting which is causing this. Default is 30.  Also, When clickstreams is purged you may see some small data beyond the 30 days. That may be because the data is associated to an open incident and they will remain until the incident is closed. 


      Hope this helps.


    • Dennis ONeill

      I'm having the same problem. All my click stream data ends 30 days in the past. Both PURGE_CS_SESSION_SUMMARY and PURGE_SESSION_TRACKING are set to 0.


      Does anyone have a solution for this?