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    Upgrade to 18C: Issue - Cannot find my Items when shopping
    Topic posted February 2, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited February 2, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Requisition Processing 
    Upgrade to 18C: Issue - Cannot find my Items when shopping
    Unable to find items for shopping after upgrade to Update 18C

    Customers / Support

    We would like to bring to your attention a known issue that has occurred in a few customer instances on upgrade. Before you log an SR or in order to triage the SR, please use the following details:


    We have seen a few symptoms:

    a) Most common: User cannot search for an item that they created recently in PIM through Shopping even though all the setup seems to be complete

    b) If the user goes in and updates the item in PIM and saves the record (could be any update such as changing the description etc,), it works after that

    c) Similarly, I recently heard from  a customer that the system was not following the autosource internally process for recently created items.

    So, basically, if you have imported items in PIM and they are not available in Shopping, the following details should help resolve the issue. This is a workaround while the bug has been fixed in a later release.


    We have requested Support to publish a support note that lists the symptoms and the resolution. See the link to the note below: