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    Tony Roff
    Report that tracks receipted PO's
    Topic posted October 23, 2019 by Tony RoffBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Cloud Connector, BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Report that tracks receipted PO's
    Does anybody have a report that tracks receipted PO's?

    Hi all


    Just wondering with the accruals of receipted items each month, which reports are being run to track these amounts and therefore used to reconcile back to their reports?






    R13 - 19C



    • Mary King

      We are interested in that too.  Until recently we didn't realize the receipts weren't showing on our reports if the invoice had  not been processed.  We need a complete "real time" view of activity so need to know the specific receipts that are in the system even if the invoice has not yet been entered into the system

      • Tony Roff

        Hi Mary

        Any luck in your research separate from mine, glad to hear you were interested in the same solution to our shared issue!





    • Alan Rowland

      There's three seeded reports which you can use to reconcile GRNI:

      •            Accrual Reconciliation Report – Review and reconcile where there is a balance.

      •            Accrual Clearing Report – Review events that cleared accrual balances.

      •            Uninvoiced Receipt Accrual Report – Either accrued or needs to be accrued.

      They are often modified to meet an organization's particular requirements.

      Also, try the GRNI Dashboard which is relatively new.

      Reports & Analytics > All Folders--> Shared Folders-->Supply Chain Management-->Cost Management--> Transactional Analysis Samples--> Receipt Accounting Distributions > Goods Received Not Invoiced


      • Annette Massie

        Are you able to point out where (navigation to) the three bulleted seeded reports may be found? I am not seeing them. I do, however, find the Goods Received Not Invoiced report.

        • Alan Rowland

          You can run them from Tool > Scheduled Processes 

          They're located at Reports & Analytics > All Folders--> Shared Folders-->Supply Chain Management-->Cost Management--> Receipt Accounting