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    Debbie Norvitch
    Release 19C - Most recent bell notifications not displaying
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by Debbie NorvitchGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Expenses, Payables 
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    Release 19C - Most recent bell notifications not displaying
    User cannot see the most recent notifications in the bell. Is there a maximum number allowed?

    The user cannot view all bell notifications, even though she can see the number is 1502 or 1503 or 1504; she said the number adjusts and can sometimes go up to 2000. She has to go to her Worklist to see them all, including the most recent, which is only hours old.

    She cannot see the most recent in the bell. In the bell, her list begins with notifications that are 2 days old.

    Does the bell have a limit as to how many notifications can display at any one time?

    Release 19C



    • Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri

      Debbie - Click Bell icon and click on More details [top right corner]. This opens up BPM Worklist. Click on Edit Inbox Settings [Pencil Icon]. There are few options for Sort and also Number of tasks per fetch. Check what is setup for user and make changes appropriately.

      Hope this helps.