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    A K
    Adding Filters to prompts
    Topic posted August 8, 2016 by A KRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited October 13, 2016, tagged Analyses, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, Reports 
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    Adding Filters to prompts
    For you gurus out there, please I need a help

    I always need to add recruiter name as a prompt but unfortunately we have so many recruiter records that are marked as deleted showing in the prompt. How do I filter out these names from showing in prompts.




    • Arun Raj


      I have attached a word document. Hopefully that helps.


      • A K

        Thank you very much for your response Arun. I checked the docs I suspected earlier I may need to write an SQL statement but it seems we are using a different subject area. This is for Taleo Recruiting OBIEE. If I have to write an SQL Statement I am not sure of what fields to pull the Active recruiter names from.Thanks again, Ayo

        • Arun Raj


          SQL statement should be pretty straight forward. I don't have Taleo in my instance, so can't tell you the exact SQL. However this is how you can construct one:

          SELECT "folder.field name"

          FROM "subject area name"

          WHERE "condition"

          folder.field name (in your case the folder will be the folder in which you see recruiter name details)

          You can add conditions like

          • "folder.field name" IS NOT NULL (to fetch only non null records)
          • "folder.field name" like 'A%' (to fetch records where the field name starts with the character A