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    Ravikiran K P
    Access OTBI Data without Job Roles
    Topic posted January 9, 2018 by Ravikiran K P, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, Fusion Project reporting, Fusion Supply Chain Management reporting, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Reports 
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    Access OTBI Data without Job Roles
    For OTBI Administrators - Is there a way to access Data as a Super User without getting a specific Job Role assigned?

    Hey Guys,

    We were checking to see if there is a way for OTBI Admins to access the reports/data as a Super User without having the Specific Job roles (like Inventory Manager, Warehouse Manager etc) assigned.

    We tried assigning all the %TRANSACTION_ANALYSIS_DUTY roles, but aren't able to access the data without Job Roles assigned. Any thoughts?




    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      You will need data access assigned always in OTBI.
      You can try to create a custom bundle job role (with all the needed standard roles) and provide data access for that bundle job.


    • Puja Bharati

      Hi Ravikiran,

      OTBI subject areas are secured using duty roles.The names of duty roles that grant access to subject areas contains the words Transaction Analysis Duty (e.g - Workforce Transaction Analysis Duty can be assigned to view the worker related data).

      Based on your requirement you can create a custom job role containing '%Transaction Analysis Duty' duty role and then you have to create a data role using this newly created job role. Run the Send Pending LDAP Requests  after assigning the roles to the user.


      Puja B

    • Vikram Agarwal

      You can try creating a BIP report. In that case you won't have to customize any role.