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    Funmi Faniyi
    OPA Mobile SDK Hub Sample not synchronising data
    Topic posted September 13, 2018 by Funmi Faniyi, last edited September 13, 2018 
    OPA Mobile SDK Hub Sample not synchronising data

    I've installed OPA server components (including OPA hub in a private cloud) and able to connected to it from Mobile SDK using the sample 'Hub Sample' application. However, after authenticating on the mobile app (deployed on Android emulator), no data is synchronised from the OPA Hub to the mobile device. NOTE that:

    • I have deployed 3 policy models to the OPA hub and enabled Mobile access on all of them
    • I have assigned the authenticating user 'Mobile User' privilege on all collections
    • I do not have Oracle Service Cloud installed neither do I have Sales Cloud installed
    • I have not set up any connections in OPA hub

    After debugging the sample application, I discovered that the exception below is thrown when the 'HubUpdateService.synchronizeWithHub' method is called from the Mobile App: "Internal Server Error: Unable to retrieve RightNow connection details for data source".

    What am I missing here? Do I need to have a connection to Sales / Service cloud to synchronise against OPA hub from the mobile SDK?

    Any useful suggestions on how to troubleshoot this will be appreciated.


    OPA 12.2.12
    Code Snippet: