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    Doug Smidebush
    CX Mobile - log an email as a Call Report?
    Topic posted June 12, 2019 by Doug SmidebushBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Smartphone, Tablet 
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    CX Mobile - log an email as a Call Report?
    Email and phone calls are being logged as Tasks in CX Mobile. We want call reports.

    In the new CX Cloud mobile app, when an email or phone call is originated from a Contact (by tapping their email or phone number), when you return to the app, you are asked if you want to log it. If you say yes, the system defaults to creating a general Task, but this should be a Call Report.  Is there a way to change this default?





    • H D Arunkumar

      Hello Doug,

      Call Report records are tracked at Activities only.
      Call Report sub tab under Appointment and the records at that tab under that appointment will be linked to that appointment.

      If the user is working with CX Mobile and clicks on the phone number of a contact, he or she will therefore initiate the call towards that phone number.
      Right after the user closes the call, a pop-up will show up, asking him if he wants to "log a call". If the user chooses to do so, then he/she will be able to write down a few notes or conclusions of his/hers phone conversation. He/she can also choose to navigate to that Contact and "log a call" using the predefined menu buttons.
      Call Reports (a list of call reports of the user + recommendations to for calls to log (based on a specific appointment, for example)) are also available in the application.
      You can find the Call Report under the Activities Subtab from the Contact you called:

      1. In CX Mobile: Open the Contact and go to the Activities subtab. Click on the search icon from top right and search for the call report using the subject.
      2. In SUI: Open the Contact, go to the Activities subtab and change the Show dropdown to All Activities. You should see the Call Report there as well.

      There is a slight difference between "log a call" and "call report".
      The call log feature that is automatically showing up after calling a contact, will be saved as a Task of "Type = Call" so it can also be accessed in mobile app by going to Menu > Tasks.
      The default saved search will show the Open tasks, while the call logged will be a Completed Task of Type = Call.

      You can:
      A. Search for the call logged using the search icon
      B. Set a saved search that will display the calls logged:
      Go to AppComposer > Mobile App Setup > Tasks > Saved-Search and duplicate a saved-search layout.

      Change the Criteria to be "Activity Equals Task" and "Type = Call".
      Save, login to mobile, download the sandbox and test (see the full steps in doc CX Cloud Mobile: How to Test Customizations in a Sandbox (Doc ID 2313927.1)).
      Call Reports can be raised only from Menu > Call Reports or by navigating to the Contact > Activities subtab > Create Call Report.
      These call reports will appear in Menu > Call Reports > "My call reports" saved-search.