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    Amar Jha
    Unable to apply percentage discount on "Your...
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Amar Jha 
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    Unable to apply percentage discount on "Your Price"
    We want to apply discount on final price not on list price

    We want to apply percentage discount on "Your price". Discounts shows in charge details in Order management order lines but percentage calculation is incorrect. 

    setup a discount on the item of Volume PFG (your price @ 8%)
    The customer wants all the discounts taken and for the very last total they want to
    see the the 8% come off on the last total after all the adding and subtracting of pricing.


    Which should be off the $ 25.00. Which would be a $ 2.00 discount.

    Price Components Unit Price Amount

    Based price applied from CIT fruit Standard 100.00 1100.00
    List Price 100.00 1100.00
    Discount Rule Upcharge 0.41 4.51
    Discount Rule Palletization Charge 0.24 2.64
    *****Discount Rule Volume PFG -8.05 -88.57****
    Discount Rule Deposit PFG -1.85 -20.37
    Discount Rule Rent PFG -1.81492 -1.81492
    Discount Rule Accrual PFG 9.78242 9.78242
    Adjustment for 25USD Price Override for reason code Other -73.71354 -73.71354

    So, if I add all the column of the unit price starting with lDiscount Rule Upcharge = 0.41 until I add or substract the list price on the list of Adjustment for 25USD Price Override for reason code Other -73.71354
    Total will be $75.00 Now minus the Base Price of $100.00 = 25.00 which is what you say your discount should be based on.



    It appears your setup is incorrect because your current calculations is based on List/Base price of 100.00 (8%) and not 25% ($2.00).