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    Sudhir Kandagatla
    Contract with Multiple Parties
    Topic posted August 16, 2017 by Sudhir Kandagatla, tagged Project Management 
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    Contract with Multiple Parties
    Creating Contracts with Multiple Parties (Suppliers and Customers)

    When creating a Sell enterprise contract to be used for billing, We are able to add only one customer and only supplier (our BU). We have a requirement that one contract be created for multiple customers and also be available to multiple BUs. Under the Parties tab of the Contract we are unable to achieve this. Can you please help us find a way to have multiple parties (both customers and BUs) on a contract?

    Attached is the image of the error when trying to add additional customer and supplier.




    • Perry Unrau

      The customer at the top of the Parties tab is the primary customer.  There can only be 1 primary customer for a contract.  Near the bottom of this tab, you can specify a bill-to, ship-to, and sold-to customer, which are stored on the contract header.  On each bill plan added, the bill-to customer defaults from the contract header but can be overridden by the user, if the contract business unit is defined to allow related accounts.  Thus, every bill plan can have a different bill-to customer.  Similarly, on each contract line added, the ship-to customer defaults from the contract header but can be overridden by the user.  Thus, every contract line can have a different ship-to customer.  The sold-to customer is only at the contract header level.

      Each contract is owned by one and only one business unit and legal entity.  There cannot be 2 business units on a contract.  This is part of the fundamental architecture and drives the business unit model each Oracle Sales Cloud or Oracle PPM Cloud customer must design.