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    Jonathan Doringuez
    Recommended Performance Testing Tool for Service CloudAnswered
    Topic posted November 6, 2018 by Jonathan DoringuezBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Performance - Fusion, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration 
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    Recommended Performance Testing Tool for Service Cloud
    Recommended Performance Testing Tool for Service Cloud AD and Portal

    We will be doing the Oracle Service Cloud transformation project with call center in AD and Portal application. I'm looking for the best performance testing tool recommended for OSvC to load test the AD and Portal application. I was using LoadRunner before for on-premise application but for Service Cloud Application I'm not sure if this is applicable since we don't have the access to the database. Any recommendation is highly appreciated.


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    Chris Warner

    Yes, Jonathan, it is Oracle's responsibility to perform application and infrastructure testing of our Cloud Services.  These activities are outlined in 'Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policies', in section 3.4.