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    Deepak Jadhav
    PR Automatically converted to PO's
    Topic posted July 24, 2019 by Deepak Jadhav, tagged Approvals, Create Requisition, Requisition Processing 
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    PR Automatically converted to PO's
    PR Automatically converted to PO's


    We have a requirement in which PR less than 10K value should be automatically converted to PO's. whereas PR greater than 10K should not be converted to PO and be available in Process Requisition Pool for Buyer to Manually process it.

    Please help on how can we achieve this.






    • Nitin Katare

      Recommendation is to use Workflow to route for approvals versus auto-approve.

      You would auto-approve for Requisitions that are < 10k (auto-generate PO and auto-submit for approval - setup for the BPA under controls tab). This would result in creating the PO with open status

      You would not auto-approve the PO that was created as a result of a PR that is > 10k. The PO status would be "Pending Approval" and would need potentially additional scrutiny by the Buyer.

      Would like to understand the business driver of having Buyers manually review Requisitions that are greater than 10k. Why would a different workflow approval rule not suffice?


      • Deepak Jadhav

        Hi Nitin,

        For the Requisition greater than 10K should have sourcing process of Supplier qualification which is handled outside the system. so unless supplier is finalised PR should be in approved status and available in Process Requisition Pool for Buyer to update the supplier and process it.




    • s k

      Hi Deepak,

      How did you achieve this requirement ?

      Did you create a BPA for each supplier to convert all POs less than 10k automatically into PO's


      Did you use the negotiable flag on the requisitions ?

      Please confirm.

      Thank you