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    Jo Bates
    AP Invoice Scanning
    Topic posted September 18, 2018 by Jo BatesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Invoice Imaging, Payables 
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    AP Invoice Scanning
    Auto-matched scanned invoices do not populate invoice line description

    Hi folks,

    We have an issue (which is logged as an SR already) whereby invoices that are scanned in and automatically matched to the purchase order end up having a blank invoice line description.  I'm told in the SR that the PO line description will be in the item description column, but that is not available to view in the invoices workbench.  Also my feeling is that it is inconsistent behaviour anyway - if I manually enter the same invoice and match it to the PO, the system populates PO line description into the invoice line description field.

    Has anyone else experienced the same? 

    I am happy to share more details from the SR if it would help/you are interested.



    R13 18B



    • Becky Alvarez


      For unmatched invoices, the description read by imaging and is recorded and stored in the line description on the invoice.  For PO matched invoices  the description read by imaging is used to pair with a specific PO line, once line paring is successful, the item description on the PO line is copied over and used and the description read by imaging is discarded to ensure successful line paring during the import process.  This PO line item description is then imported into the invoice line item description so only that field is populated.  You can see this field and, for convenience, you can move it next to the invoice line description if it makes things easier.  If not you can click on the Inventory link to see it.  If it is hidden, user can make the field visible under the view drop down under inventory and then they can move it to wherever they would like on the invoice view.  Once they do that it will appear in the same place for the user each time they open the view.  See the uploaded screen print.

      • Jo Bates

        Thanks for the clarification Becky.  I have no issue with unmatched invoices and the functionality there.

        I can see that the PO line item description gets put into the invoice line item description column, and have been able to display it as you say.  Thanks for that because it does at least mean one of our issues can be sorted.

        However, my issue is that it is inconsistent with manually entered and matched invoices, whereby the PO line item description gets put into the 'normal' invoice line description column.  This therefore makes reporting a bit more of a challenge because some matched invoices show the line description in the invoice line description column and some show it in the invoice line item description column.  Surely the matching functionality should be the same, regardless of whether it was auto-matched or manually matched?

        Thanks again,

        Jo (without an E!) :-)