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    How to create a chatbot?
    Topic posted April 3, 2018 by Avinexus7 Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited July 12, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Bots, Mobile, Tip 
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    How to create a chatbot?
    How to create a chatbot?



    I've created all the necessary components required in order to create a chatbot: database, container and a stack (Oracle Mobile Cloud, Enterprise Bots-Only Stack). I'm presently trying to get into the page where I can actually create a chatbot, but I'm not able to find where it is. Is the option under somewhere or is there another process to get to that screen?


    Below is the image of the screen I want to navigate to? (found the image online)


    Thank you!



    • Marcelo Jabali

      The URL you are looking for is usually formed by the <stack name>.<cloud account name>.<datacenter>

      When you log into My Services, go to Mobile, click Open Service Console, click the OMCe instance you want, click <instanceName>CORE container and the correct URL as mentioned above should be available to you.

    • Avinexus7

      Thank you for your response Marcelo.

      Once I click the OMCe instance, I was not able to find the <instanceName>CORE container you mentioned. However, inside the <instanceName>BOTSCFG container, I found a similar URL under the load balancer section:  https://<instanceName>BOTSCFG-<data-center>

      When I append '/mobileui/home' to the above URL, I'm still not able to access it.(says server IP address could not be found).

      Is there any step to be followed after the stack has been set up?

    • Marcelo Jabali

      I'm sorry... Just noticed you have a Bots-only instance and the procedure is slightly different as you won't have the CORE container.

      Instead, you can look for the <instanceName>BOTSMGM and then click on the hamburger icon on the right and you should see the Bots Designer UI option in there. That should do it for you.

      It's basically https://<instanceName>botsmgm-<accountName>.<datacenter>

    • Avinexus7

      Thank you Marcelo! I am able to navigate to the BOT designer page now.

    • Damcgrat

      This worked for me.

      Many Thanks


    • Martin Jarvis


      Did you follow our provisioning guidelines document?

      We don't recommend using the Bots-only stack as that doesn't give you anywhere to deploy you custom code. We strongly suggest you use the Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise stack and follow the instructions above. The instructions also show you how to find your log on URL.



      Oracle Mobile & Bots Product Management