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    Error when executing the BIP report
    Topic posted March 6, 2018 by Swatipatnekar , last edited September 11, 2019 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Reporting 
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    Error when executing the BIP report
    Error when executing the BIP report

    Hi All,


    I have created a BIP report with RTF template, which works fine most of the time but suddenly stops working with the below error:



    Checked the log but it contains the same Warning with not much details. Any pointers to why and when we get this error?


    The template is validated and contains no Errors. Sources used in Data Model are SQL and Analysis. The BIP report is placed on a Dashboard and a presentation variable is passed as parameter to the data model and all the reports.


    Any pointers will really be helpful. Thank you.


    Version: Oracle Business Intelligence

    Oracle BI Publisher  (build:20160622.0617)





    • Rithwik

      Use the query builder in BI publisher and see if u can see the data. if you can see the result then it would be a different if u can not see the data results the access to the table should be problem

      also try using different browser which might help you

    • Yguttikonda


      try downloading just the data (XML) files for the same parameters that errored out and run the template locally and check if you get an error ..

      check the bipublisher.log which may shed more light ..

      Hope this helps


    • Swatipatnekar

      Thank you. I am able to see the results. Same error on other browsers as well.

    • Swatipatnekar

      Hello YG,

      Exporting XML and running locally works fine, generates the output as expected.

    • Yguttikonda

      Please check the bipublisher.log to get more info on the error. .

    • Rithwik

      what is variable your passing and share the sample query of ur report and xml. that would help

    • Srekan

      just try to re-create again report or just delete template rtf file and upload it again.

    • Yguttikonda

      any luck with the log file ?