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    Tudor Hanga
    Link between Create Accounting subprocesses
    Topic posted September 17, 2019 by Tudor HangaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Reports 
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    Link between Create Accounting subprocesses
    We need to find a link between 'Post Journals for Single Ledger' and the original 'Creating Accounting' job.


    The Create Accounting ESS Job has multiple subprocesses running (e.g. Create Accounting: Subprocess, Post Subledger Journal Entries, Post Subledger Journal Entries: Subprocess, Import Journals: Child, Post Journals for Single Ledger, Maintain Payables Trial Balance Report).
    However, I noticed these are not in a hierarchical relationship with the initial Job (Create Accounting). Is there a way to link for example the subprocess 'Post Journals for Single Ledger' with the original 'Create Accounting' Job? Either via sql (ess_request_history, ess_request_property) or via user interface?

    Thank you!

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    • David Taylor

      I am not quite clear what you are looking for.  Do you want to be able to identify the journals that were created for a specific "Create Accounting" job or link a sub-ledger transaction to the journals created?  I guess I am just not sure what it is you are trying to do and why.

      • Tudor Hanga

        Hi David, 

        Sorry I was not able to explain this more clearly. To give some context, we have the Create Accounting job scheduled to run once per hour. This is posting journals with the 'Post Journals for Single Ledger' Job. Some journals however are manually posted, though in those cases a 'Post Journals for Single Ledger' is generated as well. We would need to differentiate between the two, and this is what came to mind. In the first case we would expect the sub-process to be linked to the parent job 'Create Accounting' but we have not found such a link. If there is another way of differentiating between the two cases it would also be helpful.

        Thanks & Regards,